HONGSHENG adhesive Factory. is a professional engaged in various BOPP sealing tape, stationery tape, double-sided adhesive tape, kraft paper tape, masking adhesive, foam tape, PE, PET surface protective film and packaging materials, production and marketing enterprises.

The company has a set of imported automated production lines, tape coating, slitting and testing equipment, the production of various types of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tape products are based, solvent-based, rubber-based adhesive tape, its variety, complete specifications, the quality and performance have reached international advanced level. According to customer demand production of a variety of different rules, the performance of adhesive tape products.

Technology companies in the production of not less sucked into the cutting edge of advanced technology and productivity, improving product technology content in the same time, efforts to reduce the cost of production and management, marketing high quality products at higher prices throughout the country; and far sold to Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asian countries. And can customize a variety of products for users to maximize the support to meet individual needs.

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